Witness and sign property and asset transfers

Save time and money by eWitnessing documents and deeds in line with new HMLR guidance.

  • Cost-effective: employees spend less time doing admin
  • Secure: audit trails to protect your business
  • Legally binding and compliant with HMLR 
  • Time-efficient: less time spent waiting for documents
  • From £1 per witness 

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Lawful, confidential and secure

Limited document view

Block confidential information from the witness to preserve confidential content. A copy of the document will not be sent to the witness.

One-time passcode

In line with HMLR, a one-time passcode restricts unauthorised access to the documents or deeds for extra security.

Secure audit trail

Securely and confidentially track the path that the document travelled through using identifiers such as IP address, timestamp and email address.

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eWitness a number of documents
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  • A deed that affects one of the dispositions referred to in section 27(2) and (3) of the Land Registration Act 2002.
  • A discharge or release in form DS1 or form DS3
  • Equivalent deeds in respect of unregistered land
  • An assent of registered or unregistered land
  • A power of attorney other than a lasting power of attorney (see Lasting powers of attorney)
  • Guarantees
  • Mortgage documents
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Loan agreements
  • Partnership agreements

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